Auteur/autrice : Judith Lugassy


The methods will be assessed with voxel-by-voxel ground-truth from the numerical simulation in the case of simulated images, from associated high resolution images / known characteristics of objects in the case of physical phantoms, and from either histopathological measurements or statistical consensus of several manual delineations by experts for clinical images. Performance of the methods…
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Pipeline integration

The challengers will integrate their segmentation pipeline in the France Life Imaging platform with the help of the FLI team. Please contact for any question. The pipeline will be implemented in the VIP platform using the steps described here. Once registered to the challenge, please follow these steps as soon as possible to identify…
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PET segmentation challenge

Automated segmentation of PET images for the delineation of tumor volumes has been the focus of intense research efforts for the last few years [1]. There has also been a few limited efforts to compare several methods on common datasets [2], but in the majority of cases, each method has been evaluated on different image…
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